Zoren legaspi ang dating daan

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Their detractors followed them there and were able to take over the station, forcing Soriano’s group to transfer to another home in the late ‘90s, the UHF channel SBN 21.Dramatic Growth Once the show was televised, membership soared dramatically.After lunch comes the highlight of their day, a three-hour long preaching by the man himself, Bro.Eliseo Soriano, host of the television show "Ang Dating Daan." The crowd cheers as he steps on-stage. I am definite about what I say," he declares on the podium. The controversial television evangelist has worked long and hard to reach that podium.The same characteristic, however, has won many over to his side.One photojournalist says that when he first saw Soriano’s television program, he thought to himself, "This guy’s okay; he’s a cowboy." He got converted and has been an active member for three years now.Instead of pursuing an academic education, Soriano chose to devote himself to the study of the Bible.

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They have 744 chapters all over the country, and 19 abroad.

They now have 26 television programs, 16 of which are on cable TV, and seven radio programs. The ADD bought an adjacent 10 hectares that, together with the site of their convention center, they plan to develop into a community.

In the mid-’90s they obtained a loan that enabled them to buy a 50-million-peso, 10-hectare lot in Apalit, the center of their operations today because Apalit, they say, is the center of Luzon. Now in place aside from the convention center are a modest hotel and a still crude-looking school and hospital.

When Perez died in 1975, a power struggle forced Soriano to leave and set up a new group with only 500 members.

In 1980, they were able to register their new name, "Mga Kaanib sa Iglesia ng Diyos kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan." Wishing to reach a larger audience, they started airing their preaching on radio the following year.

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