Who is busta rhymes dating now

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Da Dip was in 1997 the song I'm looking for came out sometime between 1993-1995 2.

The song was interpreted by a young lady ,,,,some of the lyrics are ; when you re down feeling alone don t give up and join the show poeple people go in this game of love you know ....i guess i m very in love,,very in love with someone yes i know i guess i m very in love ..in love with you..s a pop dance hit...someone knows the title or the singer please inform me.thanks a lot ...

So if a girlie is lonesome i think that she knows where to goes when she wants some Cos Monty ain't here for nothin, but i got a little Chorus: Somethin for da honeyz (for the sick sick brothers sick sick) Somethin for da honeyz yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I think I may have found the answer, I was listening to an instrumental of a new song called Dark Horse, and it sounds very similar to something I used to listen to on the early 90's.

There was a Female DJ on Power 92 called Melissa the Midnight Mamacita, and she used to do the late night love jams.

I was thinking maybe he heard Jit Jit Jit instead of dip, dip, dip??

Watch Like this: Watch - man my memory is so foggy on some of that Ghetto tech and dancemania shit...

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