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The second half of this document also deals with error handling in the event that a user agent encounters unsupported or missing files, or This is a note, it usually contains useful supplementary information in a non-normative form.

Authoring Guidelines: This is an Authoring Guideline. The list of specifications that make up the Widgets Family of Specifications can be found on the Working Group's wiki.

A Some issues can arise with regards to character encodings of file names, the length of zip relative paths, and the use of certain strings as file names.

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It is a stable document and may be used as reference material or cited from another document.Its purpose is to provide authors with best-practice authoring techniques. There is only one class of product that can claim conformance to this specification: a user agent.Implementers can partially check their level of conformance to this specification by successfully passing the test cases of the [P&C-Test-Suite].Please refer to the errata for this document, which includes some normative corrections. See also differences between this and last published draft and this document. Unlike traditional user interface widgets (e.g., buttons, input boxes, toolbars, etc.), widgets as specified in this document are full-fledged client-side applications that are authored using technologies such as HTML and then packaged for distribution.Examples range from simple clocks, stock tickers, news casters, games and weather forecasters, to complex applications that pull data from multiple sources to be "mashed-up" and presented to a user in some interesting and useful way.

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