Thailand s wine dating members

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“It’s my belief that the spices from pepper and chili in Thai food actually stimulate the palate and make it even more sensitive to the nuances of a great wine.” The first Bangkok edition of Great Wines of Italy followed two years of success in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

“Thailand is one of the most exciting premium wine markets in Asia and I want to be part of it! “It’s not widely known, but Thailand has more than double the consumers of fine wines compared to China.

“According to the latest estimates from wine merchants in China, there are about 300,000 to 400,000 consumers of premium wines (consumers who pay more than US or THB650 a bottle) while Thailand has more than 900,000 if you include the visitors to its hotels and resorts, who account for 35 percent of the fine wine market.

“Thais love Italian wines but they have never had the opportunity to taste a huge range of totally outstanding wines (90 points or more rated by me) in one place,” said the American who is a resident of Hong Kong. In fact, you couldn’t find a tasting like this in Milan, Florence or Rome!

” James also debunked the myth that wine was not suitable to be quaffed with spicy Thai cuisine, and praised Thais for their sophisticated palates and pragmatic, non-snobbish approach to wine.

“Many wines are sensational with Thai food, as I’m sure some of those tasting these great Italian wines in between bites of Thai tapas from the Grand Hyatt’s excellent Thai chefs would agree.

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