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We wanted to see how your list of favorites had changed.We also wanted to expand our list to 100 from the top 50 we had done previously.First, it’s very likely that the ultimate winner (a great little indie film) has passionate fans who made a concerted effort to get out the vote.

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Without further ado, your Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies!

William Mc Namara portrays the favorite son who tries to deny being gay because he doesn’t want to disappoint his parents.

Further Reading: EW’s review Ranking on 2010 Poll: 19 Starring: Daryl Stephens, Jensen Atwood, Rodney Chester, Christian Vincent, Doug Spearman Summary: A movie sequel to the Logo series.

The initial dressing scene is fun when he is trying on a bra and skirt and enjoying it! 2001: A Space Travesty (2000): You're not missing much when Pasquale (Ezio Greggio) does a quick change into a woman (about a second long).

I usually don't mention things this short, but thought it only fair I warn everyone how bad this movie is...

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