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We’re going to cover places you can go and things you can do as Kauai first timers which will resonate the experience more deeply. More than one person who reads this will eventually decide to move to Kauai, just as we did.

Whichever you decide, we extend to all Kauai first timers a hearty Residents of Kauai – as well as those who have visited Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island, will tell you the Garden Island is most different than the other main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. Many people come to Kauai seeking deeper spirituality or a closer relationship with nature.

We may receive compensation when you click on or make a purchase using these links. But then we thought, why not share what we’d recommend with all of you? But still, even after two and a half years absent in favor of full time travel, we feel as though it’s home. And also please understand that we’re committed North Shore people, so our recommendations will skew.

A couple friends approached us recently to share that they were planning to visit Kauai for the first time. Many visitors never venture beyond the South Side, and we think they’re missing out.

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