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I had said that ‘I’m never going to let Jeff snuff my torch. I was like, ‘Jeff, you’ve been dying to snuff my torch for years.’ But when it happened, I was still okay with it. I knew I had played the best 16 days that I possibly could.

I’ll beat somebody with a torch before I let him snuff it.’ But I think he was ready to do it. I couldn’t do anything different and I gave it all and I was okay.” On thinking Tai was the target: “Tai kept grabbing at his pocket, and I think Ozzy was afraid of that.

We asked the queen that and a much more when she called into (Entertainment Weekly Radio, Sirius XM, channel 105), and she revealed a whole lot — including what happened when she was reunited with Tony and J. and that there was much more to all that goat business that never made it to TV. I was ready for it and I had actually prepared to go home.

You can hear her responses below on the : “I kind of felt like it was coming. My husband told me every night before I went out there, ‘They’re going to do to you what you would eventually do to them or what you have already done to other people, so be prepared to be okay with it.’ So I was okay with it.

Last night they had dinner in Beverly Hills, pictured here leaving separately. (SO curious what Sandy really thinks of Blake Lively.) After all this time though, Keanu and Sandy, they’re probably like siblings.

Also, I am trying not to look at him too closely in these shots.

For the next six months I imagined we’d be together some day. And then, below, because they were also in The Lake House together, follow that up with the best acting you’ll ever see.

Harlan’s just The youngest heir to her family’s oil fortune, Sage has always been the unbridled spitfire in the Tyler clan.

So anyway, he starts talking about the goats and saying they can get really close up on these goats.

I was f-cked up good over Keanu Reeves when Speed came out.

So I think Ozzy was scared of him and I honestly believed I was not going home. So I was with them all day, every day and I want to say on my behalf that we are all friends and we’re okay. They’re really awesome and I’m glad that each and every one of them was picked for a reason, and they’re great.” On not telling J. after the game that she stole the sugar: “I personally try not to sit there and talk about the game every single day.

I was like, ‘I need to see this on TV because I’m not getting it.’ They fooled me.” On if she would have voted for Ozzy instead of Tai if they had found a fourth person, and what we did not see at Tribal Council: “Andrea actually said, ‘I’ll go with you guys.’ That was our fourth person. It was just trying to lure Tai into making a mistake and showing everyone else he couldn’t be trusted. And I’ll vote with you, Tai.’ But it was all a ruse.” On being reunited with Tony and J. at Ponderosa: “This is where it’s hard because when you’re touring Vietnam with these people and seeing them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and doing everything together, you really get to know them outside of the game. I had never been on this Ponderosa trip, and I always thought that I missed out on traveling through Panama and Samoa. And then they were getting tangled around each other or the tree.

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