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Both the Miami Police Department and the Broward County Sheriffs Department have publicly gone on the record to state that Shot Spotter simply does not work.Worse than that, implementing the system results in a massive diversion of police resources to unfounded calls, taking officers away from actual crimes being committed.But in fact, the US has had an epidemic problem of gun violence for decades.Despite this decades of ongoing violence, Shot Spotter has not been able to achieve any real traction, and certainly no profits for more than 20 years.The support of these analysts therefore comes as no surprise.Here is what we are hearing from just ahead of this pending lockup expiration.Sell side analysts continue to ignore these 2.05 million shares. (SSTI) offers software and hardware systems which provide locational information on gunshot activity within covered areas.

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A large December fee event will no doubt provide a nice bump up in each of their year end bonuses.

Below I present the on-the-record comments made by law enforcement officials and government officials who have actually used and evaluated the Shot Spotter system.

The list of cities who have cancelled Shot Spotter and then publicly decried its total lack of effectiveness specifically includes cities such as Miami, Baltimore, San Antonio and Oakland.

As usual, Shot Spotter was again “running on fumes”.

With private equity no longer willing to fund it, in June of 2017, Shot Spotter decided to come public in an IPO led by Roth Capital.

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