Linguistic dating

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It is important to note that this information could only have been empirically tested using a computational approach.

As our understanding of the linguistic development of an individual within a lifetime is continually improved using neural networks and learning robotic systems, it is also important to keep in mind that languages themselves change and develop through time.

Computational linguistics was born as the name of the new field of study devoted to developing algorithms and software for intelligently processing language data.

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The following sections discuss some of the literature available across the entire field broken into four main area of discourse: developmental linguistics, structural linguistics, linguistic production, and linguistic comprehension.However, recent interdisciplinary studies which borrow concepts from biological studies, especially gene mapping, have proved to produce more sophisticated analytical tools and more trustful results.When machine translation (also known as mechanical translation) failed to yield accurate translations right away, automated processing of human languages was recognized as far more complex than had originally been assumed.Some research in the field of computational linguistics aims to create working speech or text processing systems while others aim to create a system allowing human-machine interaction.Programs meant for human-machine communication are called conversational agents.

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