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My friend, who lived strictly by the rule that you should not double text for fear of looking too “thirsty,” as the kids call it, was aghast.My now-boyfriend has been teased for “texting like a girl,” but it was immediately one of my favorite things about him.“He was usually very prompt in his replies, but the way he phrased his messages was always stilted, dry and emotionless,” she says.So texting compatibility can be an important signifier of how communication would work in a long-term relationship.

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But anytime I made a joke over text he would respond seriously, killing the witty banter vibe and ending the conversation.” Lara Levin, a 27-year-old living in San Francisco, says she met a man on the dating app Hinge and saw him for over two months before deciding their texting habits were incompatible.“We went on a couple of great dates, but he wouldn’t respond to texts for over 24 or 26 hours, and when he did, he was just a horrible communicator,” she explains.A winky face may be creepy to one person and friendly to another.Each text was carefully analyzed for hidden meaning.You can meet all of these babes online day or night.Anyone living in the Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam gets premium membership 100% FREE!

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