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I am in a stage where I cannot judge if this seems to desperate and would actually harm me instead. You have made huge leaps to get where you are today and that’s something you should really be proud of.You have, hands down, made progress and gotten to a point that you’d never thought you could before. Like a newborn giraffe, you’re stumbling along on those spindly legs and falling down over and over again.

I find it really difficult to casually walk up to a girl and initialize a conversation. I have done many things to improve my dating profiles, both with my pictures and my bio text.

And just as importantly: you start to recognize your own progress and learn from it. Highlight and prioritize some areas, and de-prioritize others.

You also need to consider what vibe you’re sending.

I did not expect tons of matches, but nonetheless I had hoped for a bit more. Anyway, since January I have actually managed to get on a date with four girls (just casually walking/talking in a park for a few hours).

Using dating apps has been quite stressful, because I get so few matches (maybe a few every second week or so), but THEN it’s not guaranteed that the girls will actually answer me — ghosting has been a big issue for me. ninjas or pirates”, but only got a few vague responses. Since I have never dated anybody before, this is 400% more than I’ve ever done in my entire life, but still, I would have liked to be one more than four dates during these ~8 months since I started.

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