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There is also evidence to suggest that beer has been around in Ireland since the Bronze and early Iron Ages.It’s also known that early monasteries had very active breweries.Damning as this may seem, it’s not until you add Ireland’s chronic low self-esteem, “poor us” victim syndrome, and “I’m not hurting anybody” defensive outlook that you really get the picture of a functional or “dry” drunk.

I think the public awareness ad campaigns have pretty well done their job on that score.

From the city's pubs to the Guinness factory, what is there not to adore?

The celebrity chef talks travel with Chris Leadbeater, revealing why he'd like to go to the moon, where to go in the French capital and how to get over the conundrum of an over-packed fridge at Christmas.

However, for many women in Thailand, there is not yet an economic alternative to an industry which plays an invisible but vital role at the very bottom of Thai society.

Every night in Bangkok behind the neon scenes and the sounds of a bustling metropolis, hundreds of thousands of Thai women walk to work in the city's sex industry.

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