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We went straight up to the bedroom, where the two of them stripped off and told me to do the same.

Ben laughed at my little cock before sitting on the bed with Jenny kneeling between his legs. "To say thank you for taking such good care of your wife."I lapped away at her until she was clean, while the two of them laughed at my humiliation.

It was much worse than the first time, and I was actually physically sick.

However, Denise tells me you are likely to be unfaithful, or more disgustingly that you will jerk yourself off. This is a cock cage, which you will wear all the time you are not with me.

" I knelt down and lapped at Jane's pussy until she was wet enough, then turned and got Bill's cock ready.

Finally, Ryan and I dragged him into the bedroom, and made him watch while Ryan fucked me energetically on the marital bed.

Then I told my cuckold husband I would give him hand relief if he sucked my lover's cum out of my pussy.

Lisa was absolutely right, Jamal and Tyrone were at our house practically every day to fuck my wife.

On some occasions they would bring two or three of their black friends, and gang fuck my wife all night, much to her pleasure and delight.

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