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Her kohl got smeared, making the area around her eyes black. He brought out his balls and said, "Lick them properly." He laughed when he saw her nodding like an obedient child. After he was satisfied with her mouth, he turned his attention to other body parts. It was his fetish of some kind, fucking a girl in her footwear. By the time his trousers were off, she was walking towards him, naked except for her sneakers and hair band. She shrieked and pulled back, looking into his eyes, astonished. He rubbed his cock on her face, spreading the spit. She still had her sneakers on and that turned him on a lot. " Her sweet, sexy, hesitant, baby like voice echoed in his head. "Lose your skirt and come here." He started removing his trousers which had marks of spit and precum on them. Riya let out a moan of passion and he pinched her nipple very hard. He cleaned her face completely and then threw the panties away too. She was standing there, still dazed, in her blue mini skirt and sneakers. He spat once again and before she could say or protest, he shoved his cock back in her mouth. He spat once again and shoved his cock back into her mouth, deep-throating her. She came here to tease him but ended up getting humiliated by him. He stuffed his large scrotum in her mouth and ordered her to lick. He pulled out her top, the neckline of which was already wet because of spit, sweat and precum. He pulled down the panties, smelled it and then wiped her face with it. Her boobs were tantalizing when looked directly, round and firm. "Now stop crying and come here." But she didn't move, sniffing, standing at her place. He was no longer embarrassed when his hard on got pressed against her. "See, sweet pea, you said you will be my kitty, no?

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He didn't remove her skirt; well it wasn't much of a hindrance. She was sitting directly on his crotch, his penis sticking directly to her pussy, through layers of clothes. She tried to pull away, but his strategically place hand didn't allow her to. She was clutching it even when he entered her for the first time. Not only that, Riya was grinding her buttock, very slowly, on his hard on. Riya turned towards him and kissed his lips without any warning. Plus, she gave him a get-out-of-the-jail-for-free card with her 'kitty' sentence! He was going to use this Bengali teen to his fullest desire. It was turning red and soon it would turn purple, he knew that. His twin daughters were extra-willing and extra-adventurous. And when he wake up, he found two mouths wrapped around his hard cock. According to him, it was a miracle that he was hard once again. Let us take care of you for a change." Then she engulfed the whole of his 7.1" cock and Joginder couldn't help but moan. " Jasmeet giggled and placed her hand on the back of her sister's head, gagging her on their father's penis. She had used the exact same words that Jasmeet told when she was the one teasing and seducing him.

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