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Kroll and Slate, though, give performances that have the opposite effect.

They aren't the best people, but the relative goodness of their intentions is never in doubt.

She meets Bill at a bar where there's a memorial for her late boyfriend, who was hit by a bus while running after her.

He was running because she had just dumped him, and Rose blames herself for the guy's untimely demise. He wants more, but she turns him down, saying that any relationship she might have now would be doomed.

Goodhart allows her characters to be a bit pathetic, to possess some despair, and to have qualities that don't exactly endear them to us.

Bill is lazy and unmotivated, and whatever drive he has left revolves around his need to one-up his brother. Robbie is an inspiration because he is everything that Bill isn't.

There's an occasional sense that Goodhart has tipped the scales against Robbie on the personality front, if only to justify a few jokes that depend on his disability and, mainly, to excuse Bill for what happens during the climactic swim.

In the process, Robbie has become a local hero, while Bill works at a dead-end job at a printing shop when he isn't helping his brother train for the next event.

And how many best friends exist because someone said: Usually best friends are people we meet by circumstance and then share a number of experiences that bring us together.

Best friends just happen-- shouldn't a girfriend or boyfriend just happen?

Sure, at some point, all of these things had an element of the unknown—you had to see a movie or taste a food for the first time.

But after a while, you develop an idea for the types of movies or foods you like.

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