Dating violence and college campuses

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Seventy percent of people who are murdered by their partner are murdered after they leave the relationship, because the offender will often feel as if they lost control and try to get it back with force, according to Laura Williams, volunteer coordinator at Crossroads Safehouse in Fort Collins.“It is more than just a decision [to leave],” Williams said.“We like to ask, instead of ‘why doesn’t the victim leave,’ ‘why doesn’t the offender stop beating or abusing her?

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The term refers to a domestic violence charge that can only be attached to another crime, such as battery, assault or stalking.“It is difficult to get out of because you don’t know how far the offender will go to punish you for leaving or reporting.Many stay out of fear, and they hope that it will change because it doesn’t often start this way.’ Well it just wasn’t in your viewfinder that particular day.It is there all the time, if you are looking for it.” Examples, she said, take place in Disney movies like Snow White.

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