Dating someone with poor finances noel liquidating trust

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And I grew up with money being a secret kind of a thing.And my wife grew up with money, everything’s on the table. So I had assumed that your finances were joint, and it turns out that they’re not, which makes this even makes it more interesting.Because that’s always the most interesting for people. Well, first off, for the record, I am married to a CPA.

Still, Courtney and I won’t be switching anytime soon as we still love our combined financial life.And so we went to separate, and we’ve been that way ever since.For us, it works because she has learned, and had to learn, how to just let go of some things and let some frivolous spending occur.For the two years after that, Courtney made the “majority” of our income. In New Zealand, she taught once again, so that we could sustain our lifestyle abroad. Part of what makes a shared life with Courtney great is our common visions and goals.Sure they move, shift, and radically change from time to time – but that’s life.

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